Hi, I'm Chris and I am the other half of Jones and Jones photography. Here's a little bit about me.

I have always been a creative person but never really did anything significant with it, that was until I discovered photography.


In 2005, after leaving the Army, I took a job in Iraq and spent just over two years there. It was there, where I bought my first DSLR camera and straight away, I felt like I had found something that challenged my creative side. Fast forward to 2012, my son, Thomas was born and I started taking photos that looked special. This was my turning point and I knew I wanted to do this professionally. The next few years were where I learnt and developed my skills, offering shoots to gain experience and knowledge.

Iraq 2007. Temple of Ur

When Jacqueline asked if i would like to photograph her friends wedding with her, i thought it would be a perfect opportunity to learn from someone who i knew was a brilliant photographer. What i didn't expect was how well we worked together and how similar our style of photography was. This was when we started talking about the idea of working together and eventually, we decided to start Jones & Jones Photography.

Alife Boe tour 2019. photo credit - Jacqueline Jones

Since we started working together, I have been lucky enough to photograph some amazing events like the X Factor tour and Alfie Boe. We have shot countless family and portrait shoots, we have had our wedding shoots featured in wedding magazines and we have even shot a pug birthday party! 

Every shoot is different and I continue to learn and better my skills after every one. It really is a rewarding job and i feel privileged to play such an important part in capturing photographs that you can look back on and cherish. 

Tom & Soph. Overlooking Llangenith Beach