A Daerwynno Adventure

Back in Febuary, we took our kids to Daerwynno caterpillar club for an activity day that was posted on Facebook a couple of weeks previous. I wasn't entirely sure what to expect and with the weather being so bitterly cold, I (and my son) was feeling a little sceptical about it. We were wrong...

It turned out to be an amazing day run by the nicest people you could hope to meet. The moment we got there, we were greeted by the staff and after speaking to them for a bit, we found out that they are volunteers and aren't funded by anyone. This made the day even more special with an appreciation of the effort made by the staff.

After a safety brief, we were broken down into three groups of ten and shown the stations that we would rotate through. We were with Hannah first and she sat our kids down in a circle and read a pirate book to them. She was enthusiastic and entertaining and the kids loved the story. Hannah then took us into a tent and explained that we were going to build a pirate ship and sail it! We then went on a mini adventure to find bark, twigs and given environmentally friendly putty to put the pirate ship together with. The kids painted the sails and we were ready to test them out. After a short walk to a large pond, we found Rich in his waders waiting for us to test our ships. He had his work cut out because almost all of the ships sank (we blamed the weather). Everyone loved this and after we were done, we went back to the farm house get some hot drinks


Inside the rustic old farm house, Brian and Kath were there making everyone happy with hot drinks! This was the best 50p I've ever spent. The old Rayburn was pumping out heat and boiling the water for our drinks whilst we all sat down and waited for our turn on the crafts table.

The amazingly creative Mary and Gwyneth then had us all around the farm house table and the kids began making parrots and pirates out of paper plates! Every child at the table loved this and it's fair to say, a few master pieces were made!

Once done with the crafts, it was back outside where we were met by Jill the piratess. She had a treasure map and a box of bandanas and hats for all the mini pirates to put on. After dressing, we set off to find buried treasure. We followed the map into the woods where we found the terrifying pirate Wynford (terrifying because he was my old reg teacher). With his very convincing wooden leg and his mighty "arrgghhs", he proceeded to tell us the story of his sunken ship and buried treasure and asked the kids to follow the map and look for clues! Everyone loved this and after finding all the clues and eventually the treasure, chocolate golden coins were given out and the kids got the treasure they had been looking for.

All the groups met back up at the house where the staff and all the kids began to assemble a massive ship and fixed to it, a plank to walk. Everyone was made to walk the plank and even pirate Wynford fell to his doom (2ft onto a crash mat). Absolutely everyone loved this and it was a perfect end to a perfect day.

On behalf of the Joneses, we would like to thank Daerwynno Outdoor Centre Brian, Kath, Mary, Gwyneth, Hannah, Rich, Jill, Wynford and last but not least Cyril for such an amazing day. Your hard work and commitment was easy to see and we genuinely can't wait for the next one.