All the leaves are brown....

Our latest blog takes us again to Forest Fawr (and why not, it's just so magical!) and this gorgeous little girl who was so full of fun and adventure, that I just fell in love with her. Its lovely to see children who are so inquisitive about a nature and she was just that. She seemed to explore every tree, leaf and sculpture that we ventured upon, and as with the rest of the customers we had that day, fell in love with the beauty of Forest Fawr.

For this family shoot we had an hour to delve deeper into the forestry and get to see more of it's beauty. As you walk further up, there is an expansive area of woodland which was covered in leaves. This was great for some posed family pictures, but also some natural, fun shots. Here there were old trees children were balancing on, or in our case a seat to have a chocolate break on.

Having the extra time gave us time to get to know each other, and as a consequence we managed to capture lots of pictures. Once again, "Baby Shark" came to the rescue for us (as it has on other occasions), and how many parents can relate to this? ;) As we all sang along to the song, Aria smiled and did the actions like a pro. She'd obviously sung this song a lot - as had her parents!

As we walked back I was lucky enough to get the black and white shot of them walking on ahead, because as I tried to get these shots of out little adventurer and her family, she turned around and insisted on holding my hand (before showing me her bad knee). So sweet!

We had such fun and she was a great character, which I think you can see in the images we captured. Another great family portrait shoot to add to the list.