And that's a wrap Glastonbury!

Ah, it's been a week since The Cure closed the curtains on yet another successful Glastonbury Festival. Every year the organisers say it's been the best yet, and they are absolutely right. It's the gift that keeps giving, it just gets better and better each year and I absolutely love it. I have been 17 times to the festival and each time it has been the most amazing experience.

This year my husband and I went solo (without the children) for the first time since they were born. Having taken them since they were small, it was a totally different Glastonbury to what we've been used to in recent years. Of course, pangs of guilt swept over us every time we saw families enjoying themselves, but we managed to bypass the kidz field not to make us feel more guilty (oh the hours spent in the kidz field in previous years!), and with it being possibly the hottest Glastonbury on record it (and seeing parents at their wits end with screaming hot kids) it was a probably a wise choice.

Pangs of guilt over ;) we found plenty to do, as you do at the Glastonbury Festival! The first night we went to town and rolled in at around 4.30 in the morning. I paid for it the next day mind you, but what a blast we had. There are so many bars open all through the night, bands playing, etc; you are totally spoilt for choice. Luckily the hours of getting back in the night got shorter as the week went on, but we still managed to pack as much in as possible. With the weather being so hot it was quite tiring on times, so we took our time going back and forth into the festival, and to top it off my husband didn't moan at me once for having lie in - bliss!

Lots of highlights at the festival - the music - The Killers, The Cure, Mac DeMarco, Kylie, the list goes on), the food (oh, the vegan food this year!), the circus, Glastonbury Pier, the list goes on....

If you love photography, Glastonbury has a wealth of photographic opportunities at your finger tips, and this year there was new The Glastonbury Pier and IIcon stage to photograph, which were both entertaining in their own right. I walked around every corner of the festival, and though normally I am photographing at every opportunity, with working at the festival (I volunteer for the amazing Festival Medical Services charity) and it being so hot this year, I didn't photograph as much as I would like.

Saying that, I've still got some photographs I'd like to share with you and I hope if you've never been it might persuade you to go, or you might just enjoy seeing the pictures as much as I enjoyed taking them.

Count down to the next Glastonbury Festival.... 351 days to go!