Bluebell birthday!

A couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to take the pictures of this cool little dude. His parents were after something natural for his 2nd birthday, and even though his birthday was in march we decided that the springtime would be the ideal opportunity to take them. He is a bit of a nature lover, so a walk through the woods sounded like a good idea to us all. We had discussed the possibility of doing it in bluebell season, but when I did the bluebell shoot the day before I knew it was the right location for this photo shoot. In fact it was perfect.

This little darling was an angel to photograph. He was so natural in front of the camera and made it an absolute pleasure to photograph him. His parents were a great help too, making him laugh and blowing him bubbles (apparently he is bubble mad). He had fun exploring the woods and just doing what toddlers do really. Playing with sticks, collecting leaves, etc; it was just too cute for words. And the way he clung on to his toy elephant just melted me heart!


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