Cake smash with a difference!

A few weeks ago we were asked if we would do a cake smash for Rocco. What's so different about that you may ask? Cake smashes have been a fashionable birthday event for the past few years. The difference in this cake smash however is that Rocco is a pug. Yes that's right, as in the breed of dog. As Rocco is becoming a bit of an instagram sensation, his owner (or some might say mother) wanted to celebrate in style, so why shouldn't he have a cake smash for his first birthday?

For this shoot Chris and I couldn't miss out on the opportunity to do something a bit different, so we both decided we'd like to do it. We did this at Rocco's home where he was made a special birthday cake and the place was adorned with balloons, presents and many admirers! On meeting him it was obvious that he was a little legend, and though he didn't always want to keep still (especially with many treats and then the cake being offered to him), he was all the same very well behaved and was a pleasure to photograph.

The photos we took were of the cake smash, but we also took him into the garden and managed to take some natural photos too. As you can see he was a natural in front of the camera.

We are offering pet photography sessions, be it a cake smash, walk in the park or posed portraits. Please visit our pet profile to see more pictures if you would be interested in one of these sessions.