Cool little dudes

A few weeks back I photographed these brothers at Barry Sidings park in Trehafod, Rhondda. The location was just on our doorstep, a favourite of both the boys and my own (having frequented it a lot with my own children over the years). Having a familiar stomping ground for us both made for the ideal photo shoot and it was also when the weather was at it's sunniest. Perfect!

The boys relaxed straight away and so I just photographed them having fun playing football and running around, as children do. After a little while they decided to go exploring in the wooded area just before making our way to the park. It was so easy to photograph them and we captured some lovely pictures. Children are more at ease if you are not following them directly with a camera in their face, so being able to discreetly photograph them from a distance was a big help. As was the entertainment from their parents!

I followed these cool little dudes down to the duck pond, where I did ask if they would sit for some portraits (with some bribing of course!). It's not all about saying "cheeeese", letting them be a bit silly, pulling funny faces and doing what they want can give you the best pictures. I think we had some lovely portraits whilst still having fun.

We finished at the park where we finished off with a couple of family snaps, before we said our goodbyes. I hope you like the pictures as much as I did taking them. What an awesome pair of boys.