First wedding of the year!

A few weeks ago I photographed our first wedding of the year. Al and Emma have been together for a number of years and have 3 beautiful children together, so decided upon an intimate affair at Llantrisant Parish Church with just a few close friends as witnesses. Having been to a number of weddings as guest and photographer, the ceremony was none the less beautiful for it and equally as charming as any other wedding I had been to.

As tradition dictates, the soon-to-be wedded couple spent the night apart, and so I found the bride residing at her friend's house with her gorgeous little bridesmaids (who apparently were a bit more excited about a sleep over than the actual wedding!). With preparations under way and the champagne flowing, I blended into the background to take some pre-ceremony shots of the bride and her companions. I managed to capture some lovely moments as they prepared for the ceremony, followed by some willingly posed portraits of the beautiful bridesmaids, who were an absolute dream to photograph and loved having their own private photo shoot. I love being able to share these moments before the ceremony, I feel just as nervous for them and seeing it all piece together is an absolute privilege.

From the bride's abode I made my way to the church to meet the groom. A little camera shy, he was happy to just meet me there and so we took some shots outside the church, whilst I pinched a few natural ones inside where he patiently waited. The priest Viv was on hand to calm any nerves, that of the groom's and my own, and I have to say was one of the nicest people I have ever met. After a little wait the bride and her entourage arrived and the ceremony was underway. It's nice to have a little humour in a wedding and Viv's conduction of the ceremony was wonderful. There was lots of laughter, and some beautifully tender moments between Al and Emma which was an honour to capture.

With the weather being so cold (with a little snow whilst we waited for Emma), they weren't too worried about having lots of posed pictures after the ceremony, so with a few snaps taken outside the church it was onto the venue for lots of celebrating. After a drink to the toast the newly wedded couple, I happily left them to their celebrations, delighted that they had let me be part of their special day.

I hope you enjoy the slideshow I have put together and enjoy the images as much as I did making them.