Happy First Birthday!

Recently I was asked if I would photograph Megan for her first birthday. Her brother had a cake smash when it was his first birthday and even though his parents loved the images, they were after something a bit different for Megan.

As her birthday was in the summer and we have been having outstanding weather, I was asked if I could photograph her at Clyne Gardens in The Mumbles, Swansea. It had everything you could wish for, beautiful scenery and flowers galore. It was a great location and the day was sunny and warm, what more could you ask for?

Megan was an angel to photograph, she laughed and smiled her way through the photo shoot where we sat her down in a number of different locations. She took it all in her stride and was the perfect little model.

The photos might not depict your typical first birthday photograph shoot, there wasn't a cake or balloon in view, but it was just what her parents were after and they turned out just as planned.