Have you booked your autumn family photography shoot yet?

We're getting a bit ahead of ourselves here at Jones and Jones Photography. The summer hasn't left us yet, but with the nights drawing in and the slight chill in the air, it's beginning to feel a lot like autumn! ( I have sung that line with the "It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas" tune in my head by the way).

Before the mini shoots take place, I like to take my own children out to get my autumn images. It's in seasons like this that I believe I can capture some really special moments, because lets face it, they grow so up quickly! I used to think that was the most cliched line uttered by parents, but it's really true. And before long they'll be refusing to even have their picture taken. What a dreadful thought!

Today it was just myself and my daughter, so we took a walk to the woods just a few minutes from our house. I usually have to bribe my children to have the pictures taken. Today was no different, but promising her that we would go and look for Henry (an orphaned hedgehog we took care of and later released) seemed to doubly persuade her. My daughter needs to be reminded of her bribe (a cowboy hat today) to play ball, but usually I just follow her about or ask her to sit down for a couple of minutes whilst I look at my camera. Works every time.

We had a look for Henry, but he wasn't in (she had left a home and hamster's wheel for him). The leaves are just beginning to fall, so we made use of the surroundings we had. She made a few suggestions and at the end of it had a mad 5 minutes so I could take photographs that she wanted me to take. That's very important in photography, making sure they get to have their say and have a bit of fun!

We've had bookings for each location already and can't wait to see everybody to get some fantastic photographs to hang on your walls. 5-6 weeks left, so message us to book your slot today!