Here comes the bride

What a wedding. I say this for numerous reasons. Where do I begin?

Firstly, having been ill for nearly a week, I took a turn for the worst on the day of the wedding. Usually this is left to the bride or groom to feel a bit sickly on their wedding day, but no, on this occasion it happened to be me. I won't bore you with the details, but needless to say when I did make it to the wedding I might have given the groom a scare with my deathly appearance and announcement that I thought I was going to faint. Eek! However, the show must go on and having composed myself I'm glad to say I made it through the wedding!

The ceremony was an intimate and wonderful affair, shared with the bride and grooms' children, family and friends. Dylan and Carly looked like a pair of rock stars, I've never seen outfits like theirs before and they looked absolutely amazing. All I can say is - wow!

Afterwards, we got to the venue in Llantwit Major, at which time the heavens decided to pour down. Not a good sign as you can imagine, so we made use of the wonderfully decorated interior of the reception venue. I particularly loved the signs on the wall and I loved the backdrop these provided for some of the images.

We attempted to go to the nearby church near where Carly grew up, but decided that this would be better on a different day. Luckily Dylan and Carly were up for this, it really wasn't the weather to go traipsing around in mud, and they were happy to get dressed up again for the occasion.

Such a lovely couple, a lovely wedding and so thankful I was able to photograph it for them.