Making memories...

As photographers, it's a lovely feeling to be able to make memories for families. Ones that they can treasured forever and looked back at with fondness....

Clare got in touch after seeing some of our autumn shoot pictures, hoping to achieve just that. She picked Pontypridd Park as the venue, as it held special memories for her and her family, some which they shared as we walked around the park.

We picked a few spots to take photographs (some which I didn't realise even existed) and captured some lovely portraits, as well as natural shots. It was nice to still see some colourful leaves round, even if most of them were on the floor! And even though the weather was on the chilly side, the sun shone on occasion and even made it into some of the pictures.

They were a wonderful, close family, whose sense of humour and love for one another was captured well in these pictures. Another lovely family shoot and a lovely, local spot to choose.


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