Misty morning...

Our autumn sessions have been a massive success this year, and over the past week or so we have been sharing some of these images with you. Here I'd like to share with you the first shoot I did of the day, for our mini autumn shoots.

The weather forecast for the day was perfect, lots of sunshine and most importantly no rain. However, as I made the turning up to Castell Coch and drove up to the Forest Fawr, the mist was thickening and I must admit my heart began to sink. As I reached the forest, there was a a thick blanket of mist. Visibility wasn't great, but a dog walker I spoke to confirmed that there were patches that were "alright". It was too late to cancel the shoot, so I walked on up to check out the woods, hopeful that we'd be in luck. And we were.

As I walked back to the car, our sister double act arrived, with the eldest very excited about her photo shoot. We walked up to the forest and made a start. It was obvious that the Gods were on our side, and rather than be a hindrance, the mist was going to add something magical to these images, and so they did.

We walked through the woods and the children happily had their photographs taken. They found the sculptures on the way and enjoyed playing in the leaves... This was the only shoot of the day where the mist was present and by the next session it had lifted. I've loved all of the shoots I did that day, but I do really love the mist in these images. See what you think....


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