Oh Baby!

Back in March I was contacted by Hayley to see if we did newborn baby photo shoots. My answer of course was yes (I love photographing babies!), and even though we didn't have a studio set up to do the more formal newborn baby photographs, we were more than happy to go to her home and take some photographs there. Hayley was happy with this as she wanted mainly natural shots, and so we agreed that when the baby was born we'd set a date and go from there.

Fast forward a couple of months, I got in touch with Hayley to see how things were and to see if she had a due date, not knowing that Finn was already here! Finn had arrived early and they were still in hospital. She was still keen to have the pictures of him, but would obviously have to wait until he was home.

It was lovely to hear from Hayley not long after, to say that Finn had been discharged from hospital and was doing well. When we finally managed to fix a date between us, Finn was 5 months old when I went to photograph him. The only photos Hayley and her partner Mark had of Finn in her house were of him in hospital, and she was keen to get some photos up on her wall. I was more than happy to take those photos.

It was lovely to finally meet Finn, and of course steel a cwtch from him! He is such an adorable baby and I think the perfect age for a baby photo shoot. I say this because we managed to capture him interacting with his parents, smiling and laughing at them, it was just magical. Of course like most babies (my own included) he wasn't always keen to smile for the camera (though I had lots of smiles off it!), so this is where his parents came in handy. Making babies laugh when they aren't looking at the photographer, means lots of natural smiles and we captured some beautiful images this way.

We didn't have any set up as such, and really just went with the flow. It was a lovely, informal photo shoot where I was able to take time to get the right shots. From the natural light in the room, to them having just the right colour throw to use in the photographs (such a stroke of luck), everything was perfect, and I think the photographs speak for themselves.

Even though I never dreamt of having a photographer do professional photographs of my children as babies, loving photography as I do, doing this photo shoot does make me feel a bit of regret at not doing just that. I've not many pictures of myself with my children when they were babies, and realise a photo shoot like this is not only a lovely thing for parents to look back on, but also their children.

Photo shoots don't have to be posed and formal, being at home is just as lovely a way to capture some special memories of you and your little ones. I'm sure from seeing these pictures, you'd agree.