One photo shoot, two locations!

A few months back we took some family photographs of Mandy and her children and grandchildren, as she wanted some keep sakes of her extended family and some nice pictures she could put up around her house.

We originally did a photo shoot in Forest Fawr (one of our favourite haunts), but the weather was so bad as we walked around, that the children looked like drowned rats at the end of it and it wasn't the most enjoyable experience for all those who took part! Take two, we decided to meet at Barry Sidings to get some "drier" pictures and a group picture of all of them, that due to the previous experience we hadn't taken.

The second session was a much more enjoyable experience and we had a lovely walk around the park, using some of the beautiful back drops to use for our pictures.If you haven't been there you really should. Not only is a beautiful place for photographs, it's ideal for families and I'm always happy for a coffee after a successful photo shoot at their cafe.

The bridge is an ideal prop and we took some family and siblings shots there to begin with and ended up in the woods at a lovely path, which was the perfect end to the shoot. The children were great to photograph and it was lucky we had Nan on standby by to make them laugh for a bit of extra encouragement. ;) We got there in the end!

If you are looking for something similar, with the autumn coming up it will be an ideal opportunity to book a shoot. There are some beautiful spots around and if you have somewhere in mind, we'll be happy to her from you.

PS. Photos from both locations.