Photo shoots aren't just for the kiddies!

Our family photo shoots mean just that. Family shoots. It's not just about the kiddies, parents sometimes like to be a part of the shoot, and sometimes Grandparents. We were thrilled when this lovely couple's grand-daughter got in touch to see if we could do a photo shoot of her grandparents as a surprise for their birthdays, which would be something they could keep and something their family would treasure forever.

We decided to meet at Cyfartha Castle, which is easily accessible and a beautiful venue for a photo shoot. It was after posting some pictures from a photo shoot we did in the autumn that their grand-daughter got in touch. Much to the couple's surprise, they didn't know what was happening until they were introduced to me and it was all made clear why they had come to Cyfartha Castle.

After the initial shock, Ken and Doreen took it in their stride as we wandered over to the bandstand to take some pictures. Ken particularly enjoyed being in front of the camera and made it very easy for me photograph, not needing much prompting when I asked him to give Doreen a kiss or a cwtch! They were such a lovely couple and were so much fun, as you can see in the final images.

We had a lovely walk around the park, where we captured some lovely images. Not realising there was a fair there on that day which was situated in front of the castle, we took some pictures by the side of it and then strolled down to the lake. The leaves were still on the floor and it seemed reminiscent of the autumn, without all the different colours. However, it was a lovely spring day and great weather to take pictures.

This was a great photo shoot of a lovely family. It was something different for us and they were thrilled with the pictures. I'm glad we could give them some images they love and we are happy to share them.