Something special

A couple of months ago the topic of Mother's Day was brought up with my family, and we spoke about getting my mother something different for Mother's Day. Don't get me wrong, she loves flowers and chocolates and everything else that goes with it, but we wanted to get her something a bit special. Somebody pointed out that she didn't have a decent portrait of the Grandchildren together, and with the youngest being 5 I couldn't believe we hadn't done this before! I have been photographing all of these children since they were babies, so it was lovely to get the 5 of them together to create a special photograph for my mother and their Nan, who has done so much for us all over the years.

We decided to meet at Ogmore, as my niece hasn't long moved around that area and I hadn't done a beach photo shoot in a long time, so it seemed an ideal location. The weather seemed to be forever changing that day and on the M4 it decided to pelt down with rain, which was a good excuse to pop into a cafe on the way for some cake and coffee! When the weather looked better we made our way to Ogmore, only to be confronted with more rain and wind! However, with a glimpse of sunshine and the tide coming in, we decided to bite the bullet and head onto the rocks to get some pictures.

We started with some posed photographs but in-between I took some natural ones of them messing round and having fun. At one point my daughter got stuck down a rock, and typically after we all burst out laughing at her, her cousins took some snaps of their own (whilst I snapped them) before helping her out. Luckily she saw the funny side of it rather than being frightened, as we couldn't stop laughing at her and luckily she laughed along with us.

Fortunately we were gifted with a good half an hour of nice weather before it started raining again, and it was too cold to stay out in it anymore. I'm lucky to have spent a lot of time with my nieces and nephew over the years, and living so close in proximity to one another, we see each other reguarly. However, spending some time with them like this was lovely and you can see how much my children adore them in the pictures. It was great to get some up to date pictures of them too, to add to the very big collection I have! My mother was also very pleased with her framed photograph (we actually printed a few differnet ones in the end as we couldn't decide) too, which will be added to the gallery of pictures (mainly by me!) that she has accumulated over the years.