The end of Autumn...

Ah, it wasn't that long ago that we were all throwing leaves about (go on admit it, you loved it as much as your children) and enjoying the wonderful colours of the autumn, even when the skies were gloomy and the weather was turning colder. It's such a wonderful season and a photographer's delight as you may have seen in previous blogs of ours.

Luckily for us, we managed to catch the end of it at the wonderful Cyfartha Castle. The beginning of day didn't look particularly promising and as I drove up the A470, I thought we may have to call the whole thing off. Yet the heavens decided to halt their tirade on us, and let us have an hour to capture some beautiful images.

This portrait shoot was a gift to the girls' parents from the Aunt, and they chose a wonderful setting to take them. Nestled in some beautiful grounds covering 65 hectares, Cyfartha Castle is a must see for history and nature lovers alike. Our walk took us from the side entrance to the castle along a wooded path, where the colours of the autumn were just starting to die out, but still making their mark. We found some lovely spots for photographs, and the girls took it all in their stride. Even their cute little cousin made a cameo appearance on times.

We took a short cut down to the lake and made our way back to the castle, where on queue it started to rain. Though they were cold, you wouldn't think it looking back at the pictures and I think you'd agree with me, we did very well.

Goodbye autumn, there are a whole lot of other seasons to look forward to, but we'll enjoy meeting you again soon.