There's no place like home...

Some people like to wait for a particular season, some like the beach, some have a favourite venue where they want to have their pictures taken. I loved the fact that when I asked Elen where she wanted to have her photography shoot, she said they liked the mountains, parks and green spaces, and was happy to go wherever I wanted to. When you live in the Rhondda you don't have to look far.

Being a Rhondda girl myself, I love going back to visit. I only live down the road now mind you, but there's no place like home. There are some beautiful places to see in the valleys and you've only got to climb a mountain to take in the breathtaking views all around you.

We decided to meet on top of Llanwonno mountain overlooking Tylorstown and Ferndale. The children were very relaxed and were happy to sit and play together in the grass, whilst I took some pictures of them. This for me as a photographer makes my job easy. Yes it's lovely to have some posed family images, but I love capturing children innocently playing, because it brings some fun to the photo shoot and highlights their personalities without making it too formal.

I think we managed to capture some lovely pictures and in one of my favourites spots too.