Who loves this weather?

The sun has been shining this week and everybody has dusted off their summer clothes. And who can blame them? It's been a breath of fresh air to not have to wrap up, you wouldn't think we only had snow a month ago!

As the boys (that's my husband and son) didn't want to join us for a walk today, instead opting for an hour at the driving range, my daughter and I went for a stroll to the woods which just happens to be a short walk from our home. My husband stumbled across this place some years ago on a walk, and when I mentioned one year that I was looking for somewhere to photograph the bluebells, he took me to this wonderful place where we've been going back each year since.

The footpath from the road takes us up along a field to a gate, which enters onto spacious fields and very curious horses! We have seen these horses every time we have ventured to the woods, but today they were very curious to meet us, and meet us they did. They completely surrounded us at one point, but my daughter took it in her stride, telling them she "didn't have any food" and we'd see them later.

A little further on is our hidden gem. Old trees have fallen down, and the moss has nearly completed covered them, which just adds warmth to the photographs I took today. In a couple of weeks time the woods will be awash with bluebells, which means another visit. Which we won't mind at all.

As for the horses. We'll take them some carrots next time.